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Attention TikTok Enthusiasts!


Get ready for an epic dance party experience led by our fabulous Dance Teacher. Designed for kids aged 7-14 who love to follow trends and create awesome dance videos!


During this high-energy event, you'll kick off with a fun and energetic dance warm-up to get everyone pumped. Then, our talented instructor will teach up to 10 guests one to three trending TikTok dances, providing step-by-step guidance to ensure you master each move with style.


At the end of the session, supervising adults can capture a video of the incredible performance, with the coach providing expert assistance and direction.

This is a mobile party, so you choose the venue (this can even be your own home space permitting) and we'll bring the party to you!


Get ready to dance, create, and have a blast!

45 Minute session - £120

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